Website creation...

At MPC WebDesign the websites are created using old fashioned tried and tested technique in HTML, CSS & Java coding. These are the program coding languages the World Wide Web understand to translate into producing a fully functional website.

The advantages for producing websites in this manner as opposed to online website designing software.

•   The presentation is more universal

•   Universal choice of images and colours.

•   Optimisation of sites for viewing in any browser.

•   Email addresses can be created and connected to clients own email addresses.

Service Sectors...

These include but are not limited to.

•   Fairground hire and amusement park websites. The website designer Martin Cooper is a well-known fairground enthusiast, He has over 25 years of experience with supporting the fairgrounds and amusements park, this is advantageous for prospective clients from these fields. He processes a wealthy collection of photos for use for attractions.

•   Local DJ sites. Martin hosts a website for a very good friend of his

•   These are not the only sectors which Martin can provide websites for. Any site can be produced providing the relevant text and material is provided.

•   NB: One method Martin has reluctance to put into practice is copying images from Google Search. This is where the copyright issues from photographs can come into force. Martin has seen various other sites using photographs taken from Google as illustrations an unfortunately as a copyright holder for his own photographic work he does not agree with third parties generating income in this manner. He strongly advises other website creators and programmers to restrain from using this method unless this is dealing with copyright free material.

NOTE: The entire content of this site and all photographs are subject to copyright.
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